About a Donkey teaser

They are slamming through post on About a Donkey! Catch me given some glares and a nice waddle run in this sneak peak ;)

BROKE Pilot!

Yep, those are my legs! First screening of the Broke Pilot is tonight in NYC!!! 25 mins of comic, snappy, silly single lady and her feisty friends NYC cray.  Wish I was there to celebrate...!! Loved being a part of this team so so so much.  And really do love my wild totally unfiltered smart-as-fuck character Mel! Fingers crossed we get to film the whole (of which all the other episodes are already perfecty written!) season this year!!!

About a donkey- wrapping!

And just like that we are already wrapping! Crazy how quickly time flies when you are doing something you so enjoy. We had the Donkeys on set this last weekend! They were hilarious and yes, stubborn AF. I loved this film family, both on screen and behind the scenes. So much kindness and focus and support on all fronts. So grateful for the opportunity to be Annie, my heart is just gushy full. 

Broke promo shoot!

Getting wayyyyy too weird today with my screen besties and mega babes Anya Krawcheck and Joanna Carpenter-  making a promo for the pilot of BROKE! Can't wait to share the chaos...

Filming about a Donkey

In this film I get to be layered in family- my own small family with my handsome husband Paul and our baby on the way. I am also the baby of my family of origin, the Owens, all of whome I worry over far too much.  It's actually pretty delightful playing a pregnant lady, fun to alter my physicality on all fronts and to think about the hormones rushing through me. Annie somehow manages to straddle being the character both closest and furthest in mindset to my own person I have had the chance to play. Christina Raia is slaying as our keenly focused, utterly competent director, and the team she has built around her really function much like a dream family - with everyone pitching in to make sure things get done regardless of their "title" on set. Each day is a pleasure, can't get enough!

Directing Make a Wish for HTBs

Hat Trick Bitches are at it again! Such a fun time directing the chaos that will be this episode! This crew is like a well oiled machine, so respectful and totally game to play- a director's dream! Pictures already give away too much, you will have to tune in this summer for the story behind ;)

Rhubarb Short Film

What a dream these days of filming were. Kasey Stamats is doing something so unique with the style of this short, I'll post again about it when it hits the festivals as it will totes be worth watchin'! Got to create a complex sad and secret backstory for my character and the man who arrives with her crush, which was so satisfying to play out!

Directing The Talk for HTBs

"The Talk" is the first episode I am directing for the Hat Trick Bitches. We got to shoot in a dreamy brownstone and the team was on point all day. HTB is made up of Madeline Chilese, Marlowe Holden, and Nastasia Green -3 of the funniest, most organized and easy to work with babes I've encountered. They have a full season of 30 minute sketch episodes coming out this summer, I'll post again when they are released.

Filming First Scene!

Spent the weekend with these crazies filming the first 10 pages of the feature ABOUT A DONKEY which will be shooting in entirety in March. Hilarious experience already, and so much kindness and heart on set. More please!

feature film! About a donkey

Crazy excited to be playing Annie as a part of this "ensemble comedy about growing up, growing old and about a donkey." We shoot the first scene in January and the entire feature in March! 

Pet Me Episode 2!

These ladies! This crew. This is the other part of my sample for pilot! Don't want to say too much yet since I am still working out style kinks but Ive been dreaming about this baby for well over a year and its great to finally be making something that I can show my concept with!

Pet Me! Episode 1

Pre Pro like mad with these best babes! Alison Irvine, my second hand killa producer and Albo Greene, DP with vision and equal animal obsession :)


The day has come. Leaping in and trying to make this dream happen. My broke sister Anya lent us her gorg Bronx Apartment and I had team of friends behind me as we tried to find the best ways to capture our furry friends in a scripted context. Dog for the day way Olaf, a real rescue on loan from my friend Zulema and man was a champ.  Just a bucket of gratitude over here.

Broke Pilot!

Getting to play sassy pants with no filter Mel in this clever pilot. Yes there is a scene in a candy store.. and maybe I yell at small children... Loving every day I get to shoot on it. There is whole fabulous season of 30 minute episodes already written and raring to be shot so hopefully this baby lands in the right hands and these days are just the start of the good times with this crew. 

Vampire feature!

Landed the lead in an Indie Vampire feature (too fun and funny and dreamy). My character Petra is a wanna be sketch comedian (yes you will hear many bad bad accents from me over the course of this film), who is also brave and fearless and gets tangled up in some tricky situations. A very fun take on the Vampire genre! We have been/ will be shooting in Brooklyn! Here are some sneaky peaks of our first two weeks shooting!

this job though

You may catch me doing some horrible accents on and off through out this one.. 

New feature!

Spending September acting in this low budget feature comedy filming in Brooklyn and already having far to good of a time...  Here is a snap of me from the first day, first scene- quick lil subway ride ;)

Closing Night Awards

Blink and-  it's already over! While we did not win -this year ;) - we felt so truly happy to be in the company of so much fabulous content!! I mean web series are taking off! What a lovely night Samantha and I had chatting it up with our fellow creators! LA thank you for the warm welcome and fabulous weekend! 

oh yeah and I cut my hair off ;)