Shooting New Just Sayin Episodes!

This episode is called Barb's Mom. And for the record-acting + directing = full brain & happy heart!! I had the extreme pleasure of directing this whirlwind of an episode (and for the record- yes I know how to wash my face- I am dressed as Lou as I was also acting in the episode)! Really though it was so much fun conceptualizing, rehearsing and then getting to actualize these ideas. We tried out some new stuff with the camera I can't wait to share with you all. Big shout to Maura Knowles, who plays Natlaie- aka Barb's mom, our pitch perfect guest star in this new episode!! What a kick we had going through all the audition tapes and seeing the many ideas of just who Barb's mom may be, but when we got to Maura's - well it was just clear- there she was! When you see the episode you will know what I mean.  Look to see a very stinky Lou ;)