Back from the Festival!

Karlovy Vary! This was my first experience as an artist invited to participate in an international film festival and it truly surpassed my imagination. The city is small and utterly charming, a pristinely maintained 19th century spa resort, a pearl nestled into the mountainous Czech countryside. The festival staff was thoughtful and accommodating, our team from "I Think Its Raining" was given respect as a group of serious film makers among an outstanding group of international filmmakers. The festival costs the equivalent of $8 for a full day pass or $2 for a single film, which, given the number of world premieres and high quality of the programming, as well as the $14 cover I am used to paying to see anything here in New York City, impressed me as a fantastic bargain. This pricing allows the festival to really gear itself towards young people and the evening screenings had long lines of film-crazed youth waiting to get in. Our screenings at theaters holding  230+ people were 90% filled with people under the age of 30, our target audience for sure. We could not have written the story of our movie with a more encouraging premiere! Joshua, Brooke and I spent our days watching anywhere from 1-4 films, and our nights meeting, eating and dancing with the other filmmakers from all around the planet whose films were showing in the "Forum of Independents". The three of us rounded out the trip with two memorable days in Prague, where we walked and walked, soaked up the vibrant Czech culture, laughed and laughed and rung in Joshua's birthday.

Here are a few more photos for you to enjoy: