My first nomination!

Woot! All smiles over here after receiving a "Best Actress in a Feature" nomination for the 2018 Austin Revolution Film Fest. Not gonna lie, this boost came at just the right moment and has left me grateful and motivated! My "sister" and "brother" in the film, played by my beloveds Christina Shea-Wright and Ben Kaufman also got nominations!! LOVE feeling that our on screen sibling dynamic felt authentic <3! Our Badass and dedicated director Christina Raia also received a nomination for best Director! You cant see it, but I'm dancing as I type up this post, classic dorky Annie style!

ABD Austin actress nomination.jpg

Thanks James Christopher & the ARFF jury for recognizing part of our ensemble of talented actors!

Broke Pilot!!!

Finally out in the world, watch our full half hour comedy pilot! I play Mel, our heroines salty, sex obsessed bff with no boundaries. Have fun with this one kids :)

and cross your fingers (or slip this link into your industry friends inbox!) in the hopes we get to go ahead and make the full scripted season! 

About a donkey- wrapping!

And just like that we are already wrapping! Crazy how quickly time flies when you are doing something you so enjoy. We had the Donkeys on set this last weekend! They were hilarious and yes, stubborn AF. I loved this film family, both on screen and behind the scenes. So much kindness and focus and support on all fronts. So grateful for the opportunity to be Annie, my heart is just gushy full. 

Rhubarb Short Film

What a dream these days of filming were. Kasey Stamats is doing something so unique with the style of this short, I'll post again about it when it hits the festivals as it will totes be worth watchin'! Got to create a complex sad and secret backstory for my character and the man who arrives with her crush, which was so satisfying to play out!

Vampire feature!

Landed the lead in an Indie Vampire feature (too fun and funny and dreamy). My character Petra is a wanna be sketch comedian (yes you will hear many bad bad accents from me over the course of this film), who is also brave and fearless and gets tangled up in some tricky situations. A very fun take on the Vampire genre! We have been/ will be shooting in Brooklyn! Here are some sneaky peaks of our first two weeks shooting!