The day has come. Leaping in and trying to make this dream happen. My broke sister Anya lent us her gorg Bronx Apartment and I had team of friends behind me as we tried to find the best ways to capture our furry friends in a scripted context. Dog for the day way Olaf, a real rescue on loan from my friend Zulema and man was a champ.  Just a bucket of gratitude over here.

Broke Pilot!

Getting to play sassy pants with no filter Mel in this clever pilot. Yes there is a scene in a candy store.. and maybe I yell at small children... Loving every day I get to shoot on it. There is whole fabulous season of 30 minute episodes already written and raring to be shot so hopefully this baby lands in the right hands and these days are just the start of the good times with this crew. 

Vampire feature!

Landed the lead in an Indie Vampire feature (too fun and funny and dreamy). My character Petra is a wanna be sketch comedian (yes you will hear many bad bad accents from me over the course of this film), who is also brave and fearless and gets tangled up in some tricky situations. A very fun take on the Vampire genre! We have been/ will be shooting in Brooklyn! Here are some sneaky peaks of our first two weeks shooting!

this job though

You may catch me doing some horrible accents on and off through out this one.. 

New feature!

Spending September acting in this low budget feature comedy filming in Brooklyn and already having far to good of a time...  Here is a snap of me from the first day, first scene- quick lil subway ride ;)

Closing Night Awards

Blink and-  it's already over! While we did not win -this year ;) - we felt so truly happy to be in the company of so much fabulous content!! I mean web series are taking off! What a lovely night Samantha and I had chatting it up with our fellow creators! LA thank you for the warm welcome and fabulous weekend! 

oh yeah and I cut my hair off ;)

HollyWeb Screening!

Come and check out Just Sayin on the big screen! We are screening Barb's Mom (which I also directed!) Saturday in the 10am Block @ Raleigh Studios Hollywood!!

UPDATE!! What a wonderful time :) Opening night party was a blast with Kasey W Lockwood, a director of ours from JS Season One who has since relocated to LA, as my date.

We were in a great block of content Saturday am- with largely female content creators, making for a very stimulating and substantial talk back on the changes in our industry and need for/ rise of female creators! Margaritas at lunch to celebrate? Cheers!

office lady for an afternoon :)

Had a lot of fun playing the front desk lady for a scene in the new independent series EXPECTO PATRON, written and to be directed by Rachel Puchkoff (WILDCATS web series) and produced by Emily Iason. The afternoon passed quickly, spent largely getting to know all the other office ladies on set. Always love to see and especially to be on set with a crew filled out with so many kickass ladies as well. Everyone was kind, super skilled, very focused. It's a fresh and clever premise and I can't wait to watch the magic they make (sounds corny but I'm being literal here- there is magic) Particularly loved getting to see a fellow fatale- on this set a producer - Lara Safie in action :)

Flunking Life sketch is out :)

Had so much fun acting in this :) Watch it now:

So many friends of mine (especially those who pursued BFAs in film and theater) have pretty sever student loan debt. Comedy about real life problems = best kind there is!

Directed By Molly McGaughey and written by Truen Kirk and Molly McGaughey

Directed By Molly McGaughey and written by Truen Kirk and Molly McGaughey

Season Two of Just Saying is OUT!! watch em now ;)

At last!! And a very happy 2016 to all of you:) Best way for me to be kicking of the new year is with new acting content being released!

Watch me being that sloppy raver roommate with no sense of time in TECHNO BREAKFAST...

Watch me ice the morning hustle in BARB'S MOM (I also directed this episode)...

Watch me being the salty skeptic of all things "new wave" in FENG SHUI...

Pass these links along to any friends/family/roomies/industry you think will be interested. Appreciate the support so much!

A minor Traumatic Year

She sings, she wraps, she has power points, and videos of her brain- and she connects it all with stand up comedy- come and see this show I have had the great pleasure of directing as part of The Pits Solo Comedy fest.

Directing a one women show!

Spent my day making funny funny with Molly & Albo- I am currently having the best of times directing my first ever one woman comedy show- Molly McGaughey is a wonder- so brave- so silly- so sweet- this lady has somehow managed to turn her atrocious streak of misfortune over the past year- due mostly to a traumatic brain injury she endured from a fall down a staircase- into a show- and a comedy show at that. And yep that's right, she has given me the great honor of being her director, super nice to be directing for the stage again!

Today included the making of  a bunch of "Brady Bunch" split screen videos to  help the audience check on the state of her brain.

Ucb 101 show today

Wanna see me try my hand at on the spot comedy improve? Well today is your chance- 4:45 @ UCB East I will be joining my kindhearted fun Upright Citizens Brigade 101 crew on the stage for a short trial set. Super glad and grateful to have ended up in the hands of wonderful performer and outstandingly clear and encouraging teacher  Brennan Lee Mulligan this past week- I have learned sooo much! Way out of my comfort zone- totally new type of performing and set of rules for improv- super challenging and amazing. More please!

Shooting Sibs

The last 10 days have been filled with prep and then the shooting of this short film- which I served as AD on. SIBS tells the thoughtful story of a 20 something year old girl left in the lurch in regards to the custody her much younger half brother after the sudden passing of their father. Shot up in Connecticut it had an outstanding cast of NYC actors including Tasha LawrenceCathrine CurtainRaymond Anthony Thomas, and my Just Sayin collaborator (who also was the writer of the piece!) Samantha Slater.

Mixing politics and art

This man - Robert Reich - moves me. I love when good art supports good politics and or deep moral engagement of the realties of our world- something rare I find these days0 but there are moments! And I am am looking for them- and so happy when I  have a small chance to be a part of them. This was one of them - had the fun fortune of being the PA on a brief NYC shoot while he launched his new book "Saving Capitalism; for the Many, not the Few" His politics are on point- thoughtful, logical and he breaks it down so everybody can understand, like an good professor!

New Headshots!

Summer has been slow on the acting front- been working much more on the production side of things, but I am closing that chapter for now and refocusing with full force on auditioning as much as possible-so that I work as an actor first and foremost!. So I'm jumping back in hard and really looking forward to what lies ahead this year- hopefully a task made easier with my new up to date head shots!

Live a Little wins Best in Fest in Portland!

Thrilled to announce this charming short I Assistant Directed "Live A Little" is the winner of the Best in Festival and Best Acting awards at Portland's CTLPDX International Film Festival! We also picked up honorable mentions in four other categories; click through to the website to see them all! Super proud of our crew and cast and special Kudos to the kick ass Director Molly Vivian McGaughey!

Doc Shoot in Virginia!

That's the crew for our first Reframe shoot in Virginia. Such a great group - everyone smart, helpful, funny and excited. We did interviews with Mama (that's her on the porch shelling pecans) and Papa Giedd, filmed Ray and his buddy talking about what's next on the dock (so beautiful), got some nice solo Ray shots in too- and generally got a great sense of the land, and how we work together. So much more to come this summer!

Success! Reframe Doc has been funded!

WE MADE ITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We reached even surpassed our 50,000 kickstarter goal. Our heart are swollen! Our smiles are huge!


Ray is outside running laps of happiness right now. But just a small post to say - it's real! It's happening! We are making a feature length movie! Our first shoot is this weekend in Virginia!